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Kehua iStoragE B5-S2 battery (5kWh)

3150,00  incl. VAT | 2603,31  excl. VAT

The iStoragE B5-S2 battery module is used to build the iStoragE3 energy bank. The module is made in the LiFePO4 technology with a utility capacity of 5 kWh. It works with a dedicated iStoragE3 hybrid inverter in the 5 – 12 kW power range

The iStoragE3 energy storage can hold and release electricity depending on the requirements of the management system. The entire set constitutes an integrated element with the possibility of being extended up to 8 battery modules and a utility capacity of 40 kWh.

Product’s features:

  • Easy assembly into the iStoragE3 storage system
  • Quick launch, full automation
  • LiFePO4 battery technology
  • Energy consumption automation at the level of the module
  • Scalable to 40 kWh

Technical datasheet:  datasheet-Kehua-iStoragE3_5-12Kbattery-B5_S2_en.pdf