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Trina Solar Vertex S+ N-Type 440 W Double glass Black frame (1134x1762x30mm)

104,00  incl. VAT | 85,95  excl. VAT

The Trina Solar Vertex S+ N-Type series of solar panels is universal, suitable for both residential and commercial buildings.

Trina 440 W photovoltaic module from the Vertex S+ range is made of monocrystalline cells with 210 mm silicon wafer in i-TOPcon N-type technology. Vertex S + has several innovative design features that allow it to achieve high output power. Perfect temperature coefficient and low irradiation efficiency provide even more power. Moreover, thanks to the high-density connections, the efficiency of the Vertex S + can reach up to 22.3%.

Multi-busbar technology used in Trina Vertex S + modules integrates advanced non-destructive cutting and high-density encapsulation technologies. It is also responsible for increased light absorption and fits perfectly into cells with a large surface area. The technology integration allows Vertex to achieve higher power and efficiency of generating energy per watt.

The N-type cells are made using phosphor, which allows them to achieve a lower rate of power degradation, which translates into higher efficiency for many years of use, resulting in more savings. It is thanks to this technology that the manufacturer provides a 30-year warranty on the energy produced by the Trina Vertex S + modules.

Weight: 21,1 kg

Size: 1134x 1762 x 30 mm

Data sheet: Datasheet_Vertex S+_425-445W_NEG9R.28_EN_2023_A_en-1