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State financial support to households for solar panels is available.

The expected amount of support depends on the system power.

Purchase a solar system kit and install it yourself

We offer solar panel network solutions

We perform project calculations, prepare power grid connection documentation for microgenerators up to 11 kW.

Thoughtful and visually appealing solutions with “Full Black” black solar panels or panels with a black frame.


Offering documents preparation for receiving state financial support. We develop individual offers.


Benefits of using solar energy

The electricity generated has no effect on the price increase in the future.

Possibility to store part of the produced electricity in the network and use it in the autumn and winter months, as a result of which the bills are reduced throughout the year.

The electricity produced is consumed immediately, as the result reducing the electricity consumed from the network.

Be independent by using solar energy

Payback period*

The payback period of the system is 6 - 7 years on average.
The payback period of the system using state financial support is 4 - 5 years.
* If all produced electricity is used for own consumption and the average electricity price is 0.30 EUR / kWh

We are offering modern and efficient solutions for solar systems


The Kehua iStoragE3 hybrid energy storage system is a modern, safe and highly efficient energy storage. The system includes three-phase inverters and can be equipped with 1 to 8 high-voltage batteries in LiFePO4 technology.

The system is designed for households to store electricity produced by home PV systems or from the grid. The iStorageE3 system can operate both in grid mode and off-grid mode and provides power export control. Effectively increase self-consumption.

Grid inverter KEHUA TECH SPI8~10K-B X2 series

The Kehua Tech SPI X2 series grid inverter is especially suitable for micro-generation, which uses a patented multi-MPPT operation algorithm that increases the production capacity. The SPI X2 series is suitable for solar panels with increased DC current – up to 15 A. Intelligent WiseSolar APP+ remote monitoring that provides easy configuration, system operation and energy export overview.
Kehua’s choice is high quality, functionality and protection.


  • Maximum efficiency 98.6%
  • 2 independent MPPT inputs
  • I&V intelligent diagnostics
  • Built-in AFCI function
  • PID recovery
  • Active cooling
  • DC reverse polarity protection
  • Built-in surge protection (T2) on AC and DC side
  • Built-in short-circuit protection on the AC side
  • Communications via RS 485, WiFi, 4G (optional), Bluetooth (optional)
  • Degree of protection IP66

Grid Inverter Hypontech HPT 3~11K

HPT is a modern, feature-rich 3-phase grid inverter suitable for installation in solar panel systems for private households with a capacity of 3 kW to 11 kW. The inverter can absorb up to 50% more DC system power. HPT is powered by the latest generation TI DSP with a processing speed of 800 million operations, making it particularly suitable for working in a highly variable network connection environment.


      • The new generation DSP (digital signal processor) manufactured by Texas Instruments
      • Maximum efficiency 98%
      • Aluminum housing
      • Quiet operation – optimized passive cooling
      • 2 MPPT
      • Humidity protection IP 65
      • GPRS / Wi-Fi ready for use
      • Frost protection and reverse polarity protection
      • Monitoring platform HIPORTAL GEN 2
Hypontech invertors

New - KSTAR ESS all in one device. Hybrid inverter and CATL battery.

KSTAR ESS – single-phase storage solution 2 in 1 – on grid inverter or off-grid grid inverter up to 5 kW


  • 2 pcs. 5.1 BluE-PACK batteries
  • Up to 10.2 kWh of energy storage
  • High efficiency up to 97.6%
  • IP65 protection
  • Digital controller
  • DC/AC surge protection
  • Reactive power controller
  • 5 year factory warranty

We provide service and maintenance


  • For solar panels – 15 years
  • For inverters – 10 years

System monitoring

Remote monitoring of possible failures of installed systems

Data monitoring

Data recording of produced electricity and system productivity

Cooperation and installation process

1. Collecting information about the object

2. Developing individual solution

3. Permission for installation from A/S Sadales tīkls

4. Installation of solar panel system

5. System connection and first startup assistance

Receive green solar energy

Financing for the purchase of solar panels in cooperation with Luminor

Don't forget about Luminor's special code for our customers: PARMIN

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