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Battery for Force H2 Pylontech battery pack (3,55 kWh)

1650,00  incl. VAT | 1363,64  excl. VAT

The module is made in Li-ion technology, with a voltage of 96 VDC and consists of 30 cells. The module capacity is 3,552 kWh and the service life is at least 15 years. The module can withstand up to 5,000 cycles.

FH9637M battery module used to build the Pylontech Force H2 power bank.

Pylontech Force-H2 is a 96 VDC battery storage system based on li-ion battery, which is one of the new energy storage products developed and produced by Pylontech. It can be used to support reliable power for various types of equipment and systems. Force-H2 is especially suitable for those application scenes which required high power energy, limited installation space, restricted load-bearing and long cycle life.

Product features

  • Modular design gives the highest flexibility
  • LFP cells inside enable the longest life and highest safety
  • The quick connector to save installation time
  • Furniture-like design suits both indoor and outdoor installation
  • Proven BMS with the widest compatibilities with inverters

Compatible inverters list: Pylontech_Compatible_List_ESS.pdf