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Fastener-claw (110 mm), type 1, for seam metal roof + M10 screw, nut

3,88  incl. VAT | 3,21  excl. VAT

Clamp-fastener for rolled metal roofs, 110 mm, type 1

Designed to be able to attach the solar system superstructure with profiles to seam metal joints.


1 piece. Fastener-claw for seam metal roof 110 mm (Type 1)

2 pcs. M8 screws with nuts (for clamping the claws to the roof edge of the rolled profile)

1 piece. M10x20 mm screw and M10 nut (for attaching the claw to the aluminum mounting profile)

Material: stainless steel. steel

Dimensions: 110x40x40x4 mm

Screw holes: 2 pcs. Ø 9 mm (for tightening claws); wide hole Ø 11 mm (for attaching the mounting profile with an M10 screw).