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Flat roof mounting system kit (15 degrees south)

57,02  incl. VAT | 47,12  excl. VAT

Flat roof mounting system kit (15 degrees south)

Aerodynamically tested flat roof solar panel mounting system with panel elevation 15 degrees south.

The undersides of the fastening elements are covered with a special structure-protecting polyester felt coating that protects the roof surface.

The rows are connected by connectors that make the distance between the rows 0.571 m. It is possible to separate the rows by replacing the row connector with the back foot if necessary.

The price is for a set of parts per 1 solar panel.

Placing solar panels on a flat roof has the advantage that the system can be turned to the south for maximum efficiency.

The height of the modules is small, which reduces the amount of ballast weights required. Ballast pads are made of special structure-protecting polyester fleece.


The system consists of:

  • Front foot
  • Back foot
  • Row connector
  • Side clamp (silver color)
  • Middle clamp (silver color)
  • Fleece pad for the roof covering protection (ballast plates)