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Hybrid system Kehua ISTORAGE3 8 kW / 5 kWh 3 phases

5440,00  incl. VAT | 4495,87  excl. VAT

The iStoragE3 hybrid energy storage system is a modern, safe, and highly efficient power bank by Kehua. The system includes a three-phase inverter and 1 to 8 high-voltage battery modules in the LiFePO4 technology, depending on the required capacity. It has been designed for households and storing electricity produced by home PV systems or collected from the electrical system. The iStorageE3 system can work in on-grid mode and off-grid and provides complete control over exporting the power. It also directly influences efficiently increasing self-consumption.

When working with PV modules, the system automatically stores excess solar power during the day to be used later. An additional advantage consists in the possibility of setting the charging and discharging time in the case of using the electric system for receivers using time tariffs so that they can initially charge the batteries when the energy price is lower and save energy when its price is higher.

Kehua iStoragE3 provides remote management and monitoring of energy consumption and export, thanks to the WiseSolar Plus app with the use of a dedicated energy meter. It can work as a device for supporting the power supply, ensuring continuous protection during a malfunction of the electric system, or work in the off-grid system with a power generator, for example in the form of a PV system or a generator, to provide power independence.

The iStoragE3 8 kW / 5 kWh Kehua hybrid system components:

  • 1 x iStoragE3 8 kW inverter
  • 1 x 5 kWh battery module
  • 1 x three-phase DTSU666 energy meter

Product’s features:

  • Built-in EMS function including working in many modes
  • True wireless power supply with a switch time of up to 10ms
  • Physical and electric dual insulation
  • Modular integration of fire protection
  • AFCI function integration (optional)
  • “All in one” construction
  • Modular assembly, fast plug-in connector
  • The possibility of extending with many batteries (capacity) and many systems (power)
  • Multi-point monitoring in real-time, SOC adaptive management
  • Managing batteries at the level of packages, active charging and discharging balance
  • Smart energy management with a weather forecast function
  • LiFePO4 technology battery

Technical datasheet: datasheet-Kehua-iStoragE3_5-12Kbattery-B5_S2_en.pdf