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HYUNDAI Heat pump Split 12kW HHPS-M12TH + HHPMD-M160THI (Air – Water)

5265,69  incl. VAT | 4351,81  excl. VAT

Hyundai split air-to-water heat pumps are an energy-efficient and efficient device that absorbs heat from the surrounding outdoor air for central heating and domestic hot water production. Hyundai split heat pumps allow you to change the whole process if you want to cool rooms by air conditioning.

Features of the device:

Energy efficient DC compressor inverter
High performance and wide operating range
Water heating even at -25°C
Ecological cooler R32
Easy pump installation and maintenance
BMS gateway, Modbus communication
WiFi control and remote control
Built-in electric heater
Wired controller as standard
A temperature sensor is built into the controller
Selection of working modes: Heating, Cooling, Hot water
Functional settings: automatic mode, disinfection mode, holiday mode, hot water priority mode, ECO mode, silent mode
Brushless DC fan motor
Quiet operation of the heat pump unit
24 hour on/off programming
Weekly timer
Basic warranty 3 years